On-line marketing researches

A marketing survey management tool, especially designed for the Pharma Industry...

QuestionPro is a web-based survey application with which SAT Health enables clients to easily create online polls and surveys, and share them with a targeted set of users in order to make business decisions based on the responses collected.

QuestionPro includes multiple pre-built survey templates, which can be used to create questionnaires and personalized surveys and reach respondents through email.


Users can choose from more than 20 professional survey themes using inbuilt tools to customize headers and footers with company logos, videos, audio, pictures, and HTML content for the complete branding of surveys. Each survey highlights a survey progress bar which lets the respondent know the percentage of the survey completed/remaining. Users can generate flexible surveys by keeping certain fields mandatory for respondents and the rest optional, ensuring that primary questions are answered within the survey.


QuestionPro survey can also be used to compute scores for the number of questions answered by the respondent and immediately present overall scores upon survey completion. The survey response can be exported into CSV, Excel, and other supported formats.